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Respighi Cinque Liriche and songs by

James Francis Brown, Peter Fribbins,

Richard Hageman and Kerry Woodward

Alice Bishop - Soprano and Simon Marlow - Piano

This is a lovely and unusual collection of songs. 


The Respighi songs have rarely been recorded.   They are beautiful and extraordinary in the  range of colours in the music which mirror the texts so beautifully.

This CD is the first recording of the songs by James Francis Brown, Peter Fribbins and Kerry Woodward.  In these songs the music expresses the texts so vividly.

The Debussy songs and the Hageman songs are a little more familiar and very beautiful.

Full details of the texts of the songs are available in the pdf file available below.

The CD comes in an eco-friendly, shrink wrapped cardboard sleeve and is £10 plus £1 p&p.

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    Complete Track Listing

    RESPIGHI Cinque Liriche

    ♦ Tempi Assai Lontani

    ♦ Canto Funebre

    ♦ Par les Soirs 

    ♦ Par l’Étreinte 

    ♦ La Fine


    ♦ Ozymandias


    ♦ I Travelled Among Unknown Lands


    ♦ En Sourdine

    ♦ Fantoches


    ♦ Do Not Go, My Love

*  KERRY WOODWARD Wild Will Songs

    ♦ Full Fathom Five

    ♦ Gloves as Sweet as Damask Roses

    ♦ Dirge

    ♦ And Let Me the Cannakin

* = Premiere Recordings

Sample Tracks

La Fine

I Travelled Among Unknown Lands

Par les Soirs

Notes and Song texts

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