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Saturday 21st May at 5.00 pm

Leatherhead Methodist Church,
Church Road, Leatherhead, KT22 8AY

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Alice Bishop - Soprano
David Elwin - Piano

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Our programme is a delicious collection of romantic songs, by Schubert and Brahms, Franz Schreker and Erich Korngold themed around ideas of Spring, Love and Last Chances. This joyful selection of songs ranges from the well-known to the rare.  Among the rarer items are the songs by Schreker.  These are very early works and have a musical language similar to Brahms but with Schreker’s unique twist. The Korngold songs are passionate love songs with a rich harmonic language.  The concert will last an hour.


Here's a little taster - Brahms Mädchenlied. 

Tickets £10

Other Dates

8 May at 3.00pm Tring Parish Church

1 June at 12.30 pm Downing Place, Cambridge

7 June at 12.30 pm Potters Bar

10 June at 12.30  St John's Boxmoor

See the full programme content here
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